A child who
can learn to read
can read to learn.

Today a reader
Tomorrow a leader

Early Childhood Reading
and Literacy Books
for the Child In Africa

What We Do

Happy Readers run Literacy projects that aim to significantly improve the levels of literacy of children at early & middle primary school level. The projects provide the Happy Readers Learn-to-Read books and teachers resources to primary schools in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi, backed up by teacher training and ongoing Monitoring & Evaluation.

Why We Do It

Specific literacy tests have been conducted by Happy Books and education partners at over 100 primary schools in Zimbabwe. These tests have shown very low levels of literacy at all schools, so a large proportion of children at these schools are unable to read to the level they need to in order to read the textbooks.

Similar situations pertain in rural schools in Zambia and Malawi. Children who cannot Learn to Read cannot Read to Learn and thus do not derive the full educational benefit from attending school and are often condemned to a life of poverty & subsistence.
Happy Readers are designed to address many of the issues around both the learning and the teaching of reading in Africa. Happy Readers provide all you need to read – books, teacher training, class resources and M & E implemented in conjunction with donor partners.


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