Happy Readers is a turnkey literacy solution designed for use in Africa.

Happy Readers books offer an integrated reading scheme for young children to learn to read with English as a second language. The program consists of Happy Readers books, supported with Teacher and Class Resources.

The books can be used as a stand-alone intervention or implemented as a full Happy Readers Literacy Project – see our Projects Page for more details, information and examples!

The Happy Readers Reading Books embed sound, proven scientific principles designed to develop the basic ability to read as well as the core vocabulary in the English language. They are very easy for teachers to use in a classroom or informal setting. The books are typically used in Grades 1 – 3, but are often used through to Grade 7 with remedial reading.


Our Teachers and Class Resources Kit provides all the teachers need to teach children to read!

Bright posters, word cards, Teachers Handbook with detailed instructions & activities including fun games. Progress Workbooks make it easy for the teacher to keep up to date with individual as well as class progress.

Books can be purchased in sets, with or without the Teachers and Class Resources, or in a Class Box which contains enough reading materials and support for a class of between 40 – 48 children as well as a nifty box for safe Happy Readers storage.

Intervention programs often find challenges in achieving and measuring broad and ongoing social benefit. Happy Readers books incorporate an excellent tie-in with many social issues addressed by our wild animal characters. We include stories  with themes around conservation and wildlife protection, sensitizing children to wildlife. Gender specific and Child Protection issues are well covered in Level 3 along with conservation farming and Climate Smart Agriculture.

A book is the most effective weapon against intolerance and ignorance.
What sets us above all other life on this planet is our ability to read. What we read can determine our relationship with all other life on this planet.
Why it works?

The bright colours & pictures attract children’s attention & draw them in. The stories are fun and in familiar settings which make the children want to read them, and to enjoy doing so.

The books embed sound, proven, scientific principles designed to develop the basic ability to read as well as the core vocabulary in the English Language. They are very easy for teachers (who may be unqualified in some cases) to use in a classroom setting. The project includes teacher training workshops, and the materials include teacher’s handbooks, word cards, posters and activities for them to do with the children.
The books incorporate much more than reading & stories – the later books have exercises and explanations in comprehension, spelling & phonics, simple elements of English Language and vocabulary development and learning exercises & activities. The scheme comprises Progress Monitoring and Reading Ability Testing tools, as well as exercises and activities that reinforce the learning, in ways that are fun for the children, and straightforward for the teachers to implement.
Best of all, they are designed for use in African situations, and, they work! Schools and non-school programmes that have used Happy Readers report huge increases in the numbers of children who are learning to read and improving their reading as a result of using the scheme.

All this success is attributed to the Happy Readers and never before has been teaching reading been both so easy and such a joy. The Happy Readers were God-send!

Nyatondo School, Nyanga

Nyatondo School, Nyanga

They should be a part of every primary school. It goes without saying that any institution without Happy Readers is missing out.


Teacher's comment from Workshop

THANK YOU so much to you and Conor for the detailed report. It was really useful and made interest reading! The children really like the books and they’re an important part of our reading program, forming a key part of our materials.

Shine Academy Zambia

Shine Academy Zambia

The teachers  at Nakatindi are really praising the books – they have been making big improvements with the Grade 4 kids, who had very poor reading capabilities when I tested them. So that is fantastic.

Sanctuary Retreats, Livingstone Zambia

Sanctuary Retreats, Livingstone Zambia

The Happy Readers at Main Camp and Mambanje seem to be doing very well, Mambanje has been fairly slow as they struggle with teacher continuity and a reading and homework culture in general, however the grade 1 and 2 teacher from Main Camp who was incredible with the students there and the happy readers has now transferred to Mambanje and so we are really positive about the opportunities there!

African Bush Camps, Hwange

African Bush Camps, Hwange

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